Electronic Waste (eWaste)

Electronics that have come to their EOL or EOU and are to be disposed of.

The definition of electronic waste vary depending on the country defining the term. In the United States , the term “e-waste” refers to electronics such as computers, televisions, video game consoles, monitors, VCR/DVD players, cell phones, printers and scanners, fax machines, and other electrical devices that operate using a program and PWB board. In Europe and Australia , “ewaste” is defined as anything that has a plug, which also includes the American definition of the term, as well as items such as refrigerators, washing machines.

The term e-waste is applied to all waste caused by discarding electronic devices, especially consumer electronics. E-waste is a major concern in areas of personal computing and wireless devices that are quickly discarded by consumers. The lifespan of these electronics are short-lived due to rapid technological advances and lower costs to purchase each year. Consumers generally buy new instead of reusing because their electronic device quickly becomes obsolete or it may be cheaper to purchase new.