Acceptable Electronics for Recycling

The following table provides a general idea of the types of equipment we accept for recycling. If you are unsure of an item, please feel free to contact us.

Computers and Peripherals Office and Telecom Equipment
Desktop PCs/Servers
Computer Mice
Cables & Accessories
Hard Drives
Computer Power Supplies
Computer Peripherals
Gaming Devices
Network Devices
Circuit Boards/Cards
Media Speakers
Copiers *
Fax Machines *
Video & Audio Equipment
PBX Systems
Projection Equipment
Printers *
Plotters *
Security Equipment
Receivers & Transmitters
Mobile Devices Data Center Equipment
Cell Phones/Smartphones
Personal Digital Assistants
Gaming Devices
MP3 Players
Storage Arrays
Network related equipment
Power Distribution Units
Routers and switches
Mainframe Computer Equipment
Server Racks
Cable Equipment Laboratory and Medical Equipment
Cable Boxes
(analog, digital, satellite)
Anesthesia Units
Ultrasound Equipment
X-Ray Film
Home Office Equipment Home Entertainment Equipment
Printers *
Scanners *
Mobile Phones
Copiers & Multifunction Devices *
Phones & Communication Devices
Accessories & Cables
Stereo Equipment
Video Players
Digital Cameras
DVD Players
Video Cameras
Game Consoles
Batteries Home Items
UPS Units/Batteries
Cell Phone Batteries
Car/Truck/Golf Cart Batteries
Window or Portable AC Units *
Microwaves *
Televisions and Monitors (There is a fee for items listed below.  Contact us for more information.)
LCD/LED Monitors
CRT Monitors
Flat Screen and Plasma TVs
CRT / Console Televisions
CRT Projectors
Items We DO NOT Accept
Toasters / Toaster Ovens
Power Washers
Large Appliances
Coffee Makers
Household Junk

* UPDATE 1/5/22 : There is a $5 per item charge for Printers, Scanners, Fax Machines, Microwaves and AC Units.

NOTE: Technology that is still in decent working order may be wiped clean, restored to factory condition, and then become part of our upcycle stream to further reduce the amount of technology being discarded.

If you would like the data from your old system backed up before the computer is recycled, our partner offers Old Hard Drive Data Extraction as well.

Contact us today to schedule a pick up.