Guardian Self Storage – Bourne, MA

630 MacArthur Blvd – Bourne, MA 02559
59 Jonathan Bourne Dr – Bourne, MA 02559

Phone: 508-563-5432

Collection Totals :

Weight (in Pounds)
TVs 0
Monitors 0
A/V Equipment 0
Printers 0
Electronic Components 0
Battery Backups 0
Small Appliances 0
Gaming Systems 0
Laptops 0
Desktops / Servers 0
Total Weight 0


Please refer to our Acceptable Electronics for Recycling page to see what items are generally accepted.  In some cases, affiliate locations may choose to not accept certain items due to various reasons.  Below is a list of those items and disposal fees for specialty items.

Items that Require a Disposal Fee
LCD/LED Monitors ($10)
CRT Monitors ($10)
Flat Screen and Plasma TVs ($20)
CRT / Console Televisions ($20)
CRT Projectors ($20)
Items NOT Accepted at this Location