Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.

Depending on where the system comes from we process them in a few different ways.

Items that are in good working order may be wiped clean and then donated to select organizations in our network that provide these systems to people who need them.

Items that have components that are in good working condition, but are not working as a whole unit will be disassembled and the working parts will be resold in order to put them back in the cycle so they don’t need to be recycled just yet and the items that they are being installed in will last a bit longer as well.

Items that have no reuse value are broken down in to their individual components and then sorted for delivery to our trusted downstream partners for recycling.  We have visited all of the facilities that we do business with in order to verify first hand that they comply with regulations set in place for processing eWaste.

We also comply to customer specific requests.  If a customer has a special need where they require the items be destroyed, regardless of its condition, then we will honor their request and break everything down to be recycled.